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Brisbane’s newest Tongan business brings fresh seafood from the Kingdom to the Queensland market

Updated: Nov 1, 2019

24 June 2019

Brisbane, AUSTRALIA: A new and exciting Tongan business has opened in the Sunshine State offering the best quality imported seafood from the Kingdom of Tonga to the local Queensland market.

Pacific Sunrise Fishing Brisbane is owned and operated by Tongan entrepeneur, Kristian Palu, who started the business to offer high-quality fish from the Kingdom of Tonga to patrons in both Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast.

The new business is already proving popular with a rush of orders being received from local residents and restaurants.

“Our fish is from some of the most pristine waters in the world and caught by very experienced fishermen,” said business owner Kristian Palu.

“I love that I have the opportunity to give people, especially those that are from the Kingdom, access to it. A lot of seafood is very expensive here in Australia, so offering good prices is something I will always maintain,” Kristian added.

The supply originates from Pacific Sunrise Fishing Tonga that is operated by Eddie and Rosemarie Palu at Tu‘imatamoana Wharf in Nuku‘alofa, who have been supplying the Kingdom and other countries, including the USA, Japan and New Zealand, for over 14 years.

Kristian Palu went on to explain that the seafood from the Kingdom of Tonga differs in taste and quality to any other seafood available in the Australian market.

“The seafood in Tonga tastes better! The water is cleaner. And unlike many parts of the world, there is little pollution in the Tongan waters and these fish are wild caught, not farmed. The species caught are Valu (Tuna), Hakulā puaka (Swordfish), Hakulā lā (Marlin), Mahimahi (Dolphinfish) and more.”

The Brisbane Tongan Community’s “Brisbane to Tonga direct flight project” continues to collaborate with Real Tonga Airlines to see a direct commercial flight established in the near future.

Brisbane Tongan Community treasurer, Mele Ngauamo, stated that a direct flight would open the door for bilateral trade and investments for other businesses with South-East Queensland.

“We are so excited to see yet another Tongan business starting up and creating jobs, in addition to our community enjoying the taste of home,” Mele Ngauamo explained.

Kristian Palu expressed his strong support for the direct flight project, highlighting the economic and logistical benefits.

“My business would benefit tremendously from a direct flight from Tonga to Brisbane,” Kristian said. “It means our fish wouldn’t have to stop over in other airports, such as Auckland and Sydney, which ensures the freshness of our product is maintained and greatly eliminates the amount of issues that can arise when importing and exporting,” Kristian added.

Pacific Sunrise Fishing Brisbane receives orders throughout the week with a Sunday deadline for delivery the following Wednesday. Their fish are offloaded from the boats, packed and delivered to Fua‘amotu International Airport ready for the next flight.

Pacific Sunrise Fishing Brisbane can by contacted by mobile on 0433 762 743, Email:, FB:

Brisbane’s Tongan Community are thrilled to welcome yet another new Tongan business to the Sunshine State that benefits both the economic development of the Kingdom of Tonga and the seafood market of South-East Queensland.

Media Contact: Sulieni Layt via email on or mobile on +61(0) 420 639 764.


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