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About Us

The Queensland Tongan Language School (QTLS) is a vision of the committee members of the Brisbane Tongan Community Inc (BTC).


We believe that the Tongan language is more than just a language – it is a cultural transmitter. Language and communication are essential for close relationships between people: for mutual understanding, social interaction and fruitful business contacts. Knowledge and passion for language and culture is bred into the bones of the Queensland Tongan Language School teaching team. We believe that this knowledge and passion can contribute to strengthening the relationships between people and organisations in an intercultural environment, such as Australia.


Humble Beginnings


It is important to acknowledge that the teaching both formally and informally of the Tongan Language in Brisbane has occurred on several occasions over the past few decades.


Since the formal registration of the Brisbane Tongan Community Inc. the team’s vision was to establish a Tongan Language School, modelled on the successful NSW Tongan Language School in Sydney.


The team met with Brisbane City Council Councillor Jonathan Sri of The Gabba Ward who generously donated financial support to the group to purchase Tongan language resources and teaching equipment to be used in the teaching of the Tongan language.


Mrs Uanivā Havea, Principal of the NSW Tongan Language School provided access to their curriculum and provided invaluable mentoring, guidance and support to ensure Queensland came on line.


Sourcing a venue, sourcing resources and supplies, registration with Queensland Ethnic Schools and negotiating enrolment processes has taken time to ensure the final product is professional, valuable and successful.


The Brisbane Tongan Community Inc. conducted an online survey with well over 64% agreeing on the current pricing structure and enrolment process.


Proverbs 1:7


The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and instruction.


We are very excited to welcome you to the Qld Tongan Language School, proud division of the Brisbane Tongan Community Inc.

QTLS Motto


Ko e hakau ‘o e ‘aho ni´ ko e fonua ‘o ‘apongipongi – Today’s reef is tomorrow’s land.


We are all on a journey of learning. Together we navigate the ocean currents and waves of the rich Tongan Language and culture. It’s exciting at times, perhaps a little daunting too, but we stick it out until we reach our destination.


From humble beginnings of learning a new language or for some this might be learning or re-learning a familiar language, we start out small and grow in our knowledge to become more confident and fluent in the future.


The waves of knowledge and information will wash upon our shores over time, until the little reef of today, becomes the big island of tomorrow.

QTLS soft launch
Cr Sri and Cr Winchester
Ma'ata Layt
QLTS label
Ika 'oe tahi
Tongan alphabet

In Person

Become a member or donate in person to:


C/-38 Kiltie Street

Moorooka Q 4105



Provide your support via online donations, account details are on our membership forms, accessed here

Over the Phone

Feel free to contact us:

Public Officer - Sulieni Layt

M +61 (0) 420 639 764

Secretary - Leilehua Fa'onevai

M +61 (0) 473 935 414

By Email

We are also contactable via email:

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