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‘Good Start’ program offering Brisbane Tongans a fresh start

24 February 2020

Brisbane, AUSTRALIA: Queensland Health’s ‘Good Start’ program is offering the Brisbane Tongan Community, as well as Māori and Pacific Islanders, the chance to make a fresh start in their health and well-being.

Multicultural Health Coach, Tēvita Peu, spoke exclusively to Brisbane’s Voice of Tonga radio program about the ways the Brisbane Tongan Community can improve the overall health and well-being of families within a Tongan cultural context.

Speaking on air to the Brisbane Tongan Community, Tēvita shared insights into a free community initiative called the ‘Healthy Kids, Healthy Families Program’.

“Our program works towards improving the health and well-being of Māori and Pacific Islander children and their families,” Tēvita told the Voice of Tonga on Radio 4EB FM.

“The program aims to prevent and reduce the risk of chronic disease and obesity by working with families to build their knowledge, skills and confidence about healthy eating, physical activity and lifestyle practices,” he added.

The Healthy Kids, Healthy Families Program is a free, eight–week program where Tongans work with a multicultural health coach to achieve their health goals as a family. Together, they explore topics such as culture, nutrition, physical activity and positive behaviour practices, to help their family towards making healthier choices as part of their everyday lives.

Brisbane Tongan Community Treasurer, Mele Ngauamo, noted that with the support of the coaches, Tongan families will feel empowered to adopt healthier lifestyle practices.

“They give you ongoing guidance and support throughout the eight weeks and moderate check–ins with your family up to 24 months post program,” Mele said.

“It’s also interesting to learn how preparing meals, role modelling positive language and practical tips contribute to a healthy weight,” Mele stated.

Based out of the Children’s Health Queensland Hospital and Health Service, Tēvita Peu

represents a close-knit group of Tongan and Pacific Islander health professionals pioneering

healthy choices to ensure the Brisbane Tongan Community live longer and enjoy a healthier


More information about the Good Start Program – Healthy Kids, Healthy Families Program

Media Contact: Sulieni Layt via email on or mobile on +61(0) 420 639 764.

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